Mart's DJ gigs
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Well I know we already have a thread for DJ Marty but it's in the galleries (

or Recoil Selected tour areas: (posts begin here and go on for a couple pages:

...and I just wanted a specific thread for the music portion and just a place to keep it consolidated. That's why I posted those links above - for easy access to the other ones - first of all.

So anyway someone posted a song Martin used in his DJ set for Santa Ana (the one I went to) and so I thought I would post it here. Evidently this is the 1st of 10 that will be posted. I'll try to keep up and post them all here. With his gig coming up and any others we can just consolidate all of the info here.

Enjoy grin Very minimal....
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Thanks for sharing! Andy I'm a big fan of minimal/techno music
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Hug2 I saw the announcement but was too busy to click. Now I did here and I love it! Thanx for sharing, Christa! dj
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This song ist part of Martin's Beat Port Top 10 from January 2010.
If someone is interested, I can upload it.
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(11-26-2011, 07:35 AM)Sweetest Perfection Wrote: This song ist part of Martin's Beat Port Top 10 from January 2010.
If someone is interested, I can upload it.

No need to ask...DO IT please! Devil2BowYesmaster
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I'll put it in the Sharing section.
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You know when I listened to it I didn't think it was from Santa Ana. Too minimal. His Santa Ana DJ set was much more danc-ey and slamming than this...

But thanks Sanny... Thumbs

We can still add more Mart DJ stuffs here. I'll correct my original post.
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Well duh! I forgot to post Mart's actual DJ gig that's happening in 2 days...and Sanny will be there!!! Thud Can't wait to hear Heart2
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Well I would love to stay up and follow everything that's going on, but I'm exhausted. I just did a cursory search and came up with these things:

This is a video of that girl Veronica Grey (if you watched Dave at the awards ceremony you will remember her video)
She's "putting Martin Gore in her mouth" ...I really wish we had a "roll eyes" smiley Watch

And here's the same chick again <barf>
[Image: AfzK1ntCAAAQiPc.jpg]

And here's someone else
[Image: 463688094.jpg]

It seems to be pretty quiet right now. Not too many tweets. I found some under #martingore and #newnoise. It's only 10:30 pm in SB right now and it started at 7:30. It is supposed to end at 11:30 which is in less than an hour my time. No idea what the schedule is...if he was going to start right away or a bit later, but he must be on by now? It's wierd - I thought the internet would be lit up when he went on.

If anybody finds anything, please post it! But I'm going to bed Zzz

I hope Sanny gets to meet him and chat a bit this time. Heart2
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HahaHaha Martin Gore cookie

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