Mart's DJ gigs
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My lovely friend posted them on Tumblr, no idea where she found them.

[Image: tumblr_lvomxqITio1qbp357o1_500.png]

[Image: tumblr_lvomyf83oz1qbp357o1_500.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_lvomrhmAdo1qbp357o1_500.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_lvompvzBMY1qbp357]

[Image: tumblr_lvom18mCwq1qbp357o1_500.jpg]

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[Image: tumblr_lvoekeYLG11qinspho1_500.jpg]
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Here's one
[Image: 463772248.jpg]
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greats pics i need to catch up thanks
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I"m still in SB and completely starstruck. Its's so amzing here. I'll write a report when I'm back home again, so just a few words now.

This gig was completely different from the last one in May. There were only about 150 peeps and Mart was socializing with everybody. He was so cute and lovely. Just amazing. Heart2 Ute and I spoke several times with him and he liked our presents a lot.Heart2
We got even pics taken with him. I"ll tell you everything when I'm back. (BTW he still is with Kerri and the poor girls seems to have lost at least 20 pounds since may. She has size -1 at least, but they are really cute with eachother. She seems to be good for him even if I'm not sure if he's good for her...)
He's still writing songs and won't do anything promotional with Vince for the new album :(

oh and we saw this Veronica girl too... Mart was not pleased at all when he took a pic with her. He tried to stay as far away from her as possible...
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nlmdanlmda Sounds fantastic
Aw I'm glad Mart has found a woman good for him
I do hope she doesn't get too skinny

Waiting for more of the report Sanni i bet you are overwhelmed BowBowBowTongue1
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OH Sanny!!!!! Thud Cloud9 Swoon
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Awww thats wonderful sannyHug2Hug2 Can't wait to hear more when you get homeHug2

Erm I'm so out of things... who is Veronica? Dizzy
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yeah i was gonna ask the same and was Annette there?
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Veronica Grey is the chic in the video who "put Mart in her mouth"....she makes lots of videos and goes to their gigs but she's kind of creepy and oddly self promoting (narcissistic?). During the MusiCares she kept turning the camera on herself. That's her pic above in my previous post.
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Umm okay, bit of a nutter then, obviously known by the guys for her weird behaviour then...

I'd hate for the guys well anybody to see me in that light, but I guess if you are that kind of person you don't care what they think, either that or they don't see their own behaviour.Shocked1
Just watched that vid you linked Christa and wasted a couple of minutes of my lifeHahaHaha

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