VCMG (Vince Clarke Martin Gore) Techno project
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We have a bit of news about this project! Someone named Tony Scott is remixing some of their tracks. Personally I don't get why he is remixing before they come out with the actual album, but we will see. Maybe regular songs and remixes will be included all at once.

Quote:I’ve just finished the first remix for Vince Clarke and Martin Gore from Depeche Mode. They’ve got together for the first time in something like 30 years to make some pop techno stuff for Mute Records. They contacted me a couple of weeks ago to ask if I would be interested in remixing them, I was honoured as the early Depeche Mode stuff was inspirational to me, to all of us I think. As a track it’s all over the place, my mix was just me putting my sound on it and I finished just before we sat down for this chat. I’ve only used one sound of theirs.
(There is much more than just this snippet...but it's the only thing that specifically references the project)
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Maybe it's for promotion?
I'm so curious about this project. I can't wait to hear their stuff!Andy
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[Image: tumblr_lv0njbuB0I1qfcsm7o1_500.jpg]


After 30 years working on their respective ongoing music projects, Vince Clarke (Erasure / Yazoo / Depeche Mode) and Martin L. Gore (Depeche Mode) come together for the first time since 1981 as VCMG to release a brand new album preceded by a series of EPs.

VCMG is the fruit of initially tentative discussion and subsequent enthused collaboration where Vince and Martin, both influential as pioneers in electronic music, get to exercise their lifelong love of the genre as the techno inspired VCMG.

As Vince explains: “I’ve been getting into and listening to a lot of minimal dance music and I got really intrigued by all the sounds… I realised I needed a collaborator… so it occurred to me to talk to Martin.”

Says Gore: “Out of the blue I got an e-mail from Vince just saying, ‘I’m interested in making a techno album. Are you interested in collaborating?’ This was maybe a year ago. He said, ‘No pressure, no deadlines,’ so I said, ‘OK’.”

The writing and recording of the album was done in a typically unique way with the pair working alone in their respective studios, communicating only via email, exchanging files until the album was ready. It was in May 2011 that the pair met for the first time to discuss the project when they both performed at Short Circuit presents Mute festival in London.

The album (title to be announced soon) was produced by Vince Clarke and Martin L. Gore and mixed by the influential Californian electronic artist Überzone / Q and will be released in the spring of 2012.

The first release is an EP entitled Spock. EP1 / SPOCK will feature remixes from Edit-Select, aka Tony Scott, the UK DJ / producer and founder of EditSelect Records whose previous remix credits include Speedy J, Death In Vegas and Gary Beck; Regis, British techno musician Karl O’Connor, member of the Sandwell District collective and co-founder of Downwards Records); DVS1, Brooklyn based producer Derek VanScoten (Radiohead / Sleigh Bells / Emancipator); plus XOQ, the alter ego of Überzone / Q, who mixed the VCMG album.

EP1 / SPOCK will be available initially as a global exclusive on Beatport on 30 November, and then on all DSPs from 12 December with the 12” release following on 19 December 2011.

Spock - Album Version
Spock - Edit Select Remix
Spock - Regis Remix
Spock - DVS1 Voyage Home Remix
Spock - XOQ Remix
[Image: VCMG_by_TravisShinn-906x604.jpg]
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nlmdanlmdanlmdanlmdanlmdanlmdanlmda YES!
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LOVE those pics!!! Heart2
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Anything with Martin and bed related :HAHA:
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I wonder if Mart will mix some in for his DJ gig???

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YEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nlmdanlmdanlmdanlmda

Finally! Can't wait to hear them! Beside the bed pic, the one of Marc smiling is really nice, too! Heart2
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Andy Andy Finally!!!
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I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!AndyAndyAndy
Great pics and the snippet sounds quite cool too.
I hope he won't only spin some of the new Motor stuff, but as well some of VCMG nlmdanlmdanlmda
Next week I mean...


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