VCMG (Vince Clarke Martin Gore) Techno project
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Here is where you can buy the 1st EP. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get it... grin I was debating vinyl vs digital (darn - no CD! Wtf) but you get 1 more track on the digital so I guess I'll get that one.
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I have so much to catch up on... I relly feel out of things I haven;t even had time to listen to this or anything....Sad2
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new article
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Depeche Sam said that VCMG's new album titled "SSSS" will be out March 2012
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For those of you who don't have facebook:

Interesting that this was posted as a wall photo for official DM facebook but not anywhere else...


VCMG release one of 2012’s most anticipated musical collaborations with the album ‘Ssss’, out on Mute on 12 March 2012.

It marks the long awaited reunion of electronic pioneers Vince Clarke (Erasure/ Yazoo/ Depeche Mode) and Martin L. Gore (Depeche Mode), who have joined forces for the first time in over thirty years to craft a 10-track album which demonstrates their mutual love of electronic music.

After initial tentative discussions, and a meeting at Short Circuit presents Mute festival in London, where they both performed, these two influential musicians and songwriters worked in a typically unique way. Clarke and Gore worked alone in their respective studios, communicating only via email and exchanging files until the album was ready. The album includes the recent 12” EP1 / Spock, described by The Quietus as “one of the best tracks of 2011”, plus the forthcoming EP 2 / Single Blip.

‘Ssss’, written and produced by Vince Clarke and Martin L. Gore, was mixed by Timothy “Q” Wiles, recorded and engineered by Sie Medway Smith and Vince Clarke and mastered by Stefan Betke (aka Pole).

Full remix details for EP2 / Single Blip, the follow up to EP1 / Spock – out now on 12” / download and featuring remixes by Edit-Select, Regis, DVS1 and XOQ – will follow.

Ssss Tracklisting: STUMM441
Windup Robot
Bendy Bass
Single Blip
Skip This Track

“Fusing stripped down percussion, Teutonic precision and dank, brutal walls of rhythmic noise, "highly anticipated" is not even close.” – Electronic Beats
“aimed squarely at the wee small hours of the club” - Fact

I love the track names!!!!!

I spoke too soon...
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Let's see if this works

[Image: 416926_10150530643809962_180756924961_91...7258_n.jpg]

yay! it did grin this pic was from facebook. I direct linked to it. Hilarious!!! Haha Never seen it. And he said they didn't do a photo shoot?!
It's amazing that Vince is even tiny-er than Martin!!!

ok here's the article to go with it. Didn't realize it...
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This is just the missing floof that makes him tinier than Mart grin
I can't wait for the album to come out and hopefully Vince can convince Mart to do a DJ set or two...Cloud9
I mean a little distraction during the recording process cannot do any harm...
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Love that pic!!!! Haha
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(01-31-2012, 07:14 AM)Bettyboop77 Wrote: Love that pic!!!! Haha

It's a fantastic picture! It immediately become my new cover photo on FB. Two words come to mind: minimalistic & fun.

And as Vince already conVinced Mart to do the album I won't be surprised if he gets him to do a dj gig as well Haha

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