VCMG (Vince Clarke Martin Gore) Techno project
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(11-21-2011, 02:19 PM)Sweetest Perfection Wrote: I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!AndyAndyAndy
Great pics and the snippet sounds quite cool too.
I hope he won't only spin some of the new Motor stuff, but as well some of VCMG nlmdanlmdanlmda
Next week I mean...


Yeahthat nlmdanlmdanlmdanlmdanlmda
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artwork announced....or some of it anyway:
[Image: spock.jpg]
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I think it's been leaked...
I like it!!!!

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(11-24-2011, 10:53 AM)martinsharmony Wrote: I think it's been leaked...
I like it!!!!

Ah, Sam posted it. One of our London lads who seems to have quite good connections. He also had the U2 files very early. Devil Andy
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Sam got a warning and his video was removed, but someone else posted it so I fixed my link wink
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Thanks And even in better quality me thinks...hehe, depmode forum, I hear you... Devil
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Another one

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Thanks Christa!
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Whoa I love it, especially when it takes that darker twist around the 1 minute point. On a different note... how the F did they come up with the title??? Haha Either it's Mister Spock (a la Star Trek) or Dr. Spock (as in the baby book guy) or... ?? I'm thinking that someone's a Trekkie. Haha
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A really great article!

Oh yeah...when Vince was working on the tracks for VCMG he was tweeting "names" for songs, but he was being facetious about it. He tweeted names like "big song" and "fingers and thumbs" and "last 1" (yes I actually researched this Blush2). He asked for help with names - so who knows? The name "Spock" could have come from a fan?

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