MLG collab w/ Motor (Bryan Black)
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Quote:Out on April 16th is the new Motor album "Man Made Machine". Released inside a special silver pocket (like Haujobb's most recent limited releases), the album is a song-based vocal one. The album was recorded during their world tour with Depeche Mode in 2009 when Dave Gahan was diagnosed with cancer and the band found themselves in a hotel in Berlin with time on their hands.

The album features the vocalists Martin L. Gore Heart2 (Depeche Mode), Douglas McCarthy Heart2 (Nitzer Ebb), Gary Numan, Billie Ray Martin (S' Express, Electribe 101) and Reni Lane.


Messed Up
Hyper Lust (feat. Billie Ray Martin)
Man Made Machine (feat. Martin L.Gore)
Pleasure in Heaven (feat. Gary Numan)
The Knife (feat. Douglas McCarthy)
In the Dark
Between the Night

Now we know what everyone was doing while Dave was laid up in the hospital. They do what musicians do - make music Heart2Heart2Heart2Heart2

Sounds like fodder for fic if you ask me Tongue1 I always love hearing about what actually happened during times like this.
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And here we have snippets from the Motor album
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ooo Thanks
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it sounds very promising! I can't believe that I'm looking forward to a Motor album - they were playing in Prague before DM and it was like two strange looking dudes playing music, ignored by the audience... although I think they weren't that bad, but there was something with the sound, maybe it was way too loud

I hope the album will be good nlmda
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(12-22-2011, 04:59 PM)martinsharmony Wrote: Review...
Quote:Here you can make out pretty much every inward breath, and if it was a bit more Americanised it would basically sound like Iggy Pop on 'Passengers'.
at this point i agree with this review. lyrics also remind me Iggy's "Happy Man", even a way too much i'd say. i think they certainly took some inspiration from Iggy's works .
oh and the beat is very sexy Makeout
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Motor actuall—É added some new blood to DM aestetic...a lot of...I think....

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