What should Martin do for Counterfeit3?
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I'm just curious - any suggestions on what MLG could do?

I'm thinking of The Doors' "End of the Night". It's already trippy, but I think a Martin electronic/guitar version would be really cool.
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I've thought about this...but I have no idea! He usually picks really obscure songs that I've never heard of. I would like to hear him do a Johnny Cash tune....he did Martin's so now he should return the favor! I would love to hear his interpretation of a rockabilly type song like Cash's. Also I would like to hear him remake something from a newer artist like maybe The Black Angels or even something that is already electronic. OHHHH I just had a thought. He could take one of his DJ songs which are already so excellent and put words to it! Oh but wait he doesn't do that with solo because he likes to reserve writing for Depeche. But now that he's a bit more prolific maybe he will not stick to that personal "rule". Who knows?

At any rate I would love to hear if something is brewing. Sometimes I sit and wonder if he's writing a song right now Heart2
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I thought about it quite a few times too.
Although I don't think he'll release a Counterfeit 3 Sad2(He said that once... but maybe he changes his minde one day?)

He could do some old German stuff like Zarah Leander or even take some pieces of Franz Schubert's "Winterreise" as an inspiration. (Thanks Pandora's Box )Cloud9

Cash would be nice. Maybe "Folsom Prison Blues" He once said that he likes the song because of the line "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die"

I know he would never pick a Placebo song to cover, but I'ld love to hear him sing My sweet prince or Protect Me.

Or Bowie...Cloud9 But it's to common for him...Haha
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My Sweet Prince Heart2 A totally Gahorish song. Heart2 (sorry XD)
I don't care which song just: a duet with David Gahan. Okay, it'll never happen :/
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Roots Bloody Roots by Sepultura...
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My dream would be Bang Bang which was originally sung by Nancy Sinatra. I can totally hear him singing that oneHeart2
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(01-11-2011, 06:49 AM)Storm Wrote: My dream would be Bang Bang which was originally sung by Nancy Sinatra. I can totally hear him singing that oneHeart2

Great idea!Heart2
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So here's a fun one: Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys. It'd give Mart a chance to bust out his theremin.... and cape! Devil2
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Yes please! Prada Cape and Theremin!nlmda
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Anything Leonard Cohen...

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