painting @ Dave's home?
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I've seen that pic a thousand times, but never noticed this about the tattoos! You're right, that's cool!
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(01-29-2011, 04:24 PM)martinsharmony Wrote: ok I just had to post this
[Image: tumblr_lfovleV8wb1qao96mo1_400.jpg]
He's painting a picture of a cat!

I love the ponytail Devil2Thud
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Aww, that's so sweet - painting the studio cat's picture.
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(01-28-2011, 11:59 PM)Mischievous1 Wrote: I'm wondering now if it's something he only did while he was under the influence or if he still does it now? From what I've seen, he is very artistic and talented so I hope he still paints! It would be a precious talent to lose if he stopped.

yeah, I remember now those parts in Stripped!

I think this habit wasn't something that he practiced only during the SOFAD era, cuz after all he went to that art college for a while when he was still in his teens and I'm sure he learned drawing and painting there too. Plus I don't think that that painting over his red couch would be so old (don't think he painted it during the SOFAD era), plus there's that painting of Jen in the BOAG video, which isn't that era either... So I think it's very possible that he still draws/paints.
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I sooo wish I could see some of his work!! I won't give up my dream that maybe he'll show other artistic sides, too - like acting or painting. And now as he said he has to come up with something else, as he gets older - maybe... Heart2Haha

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