painting @ Dave's home?
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With regards to hot tub on Long is the story

A Dutch cook posted reference to Dave. The cook was on holiday on Long Island with his friends and they rented a fancy apartment for a week. He said " Dave Gahan is the neighbour and sometimes, I'm not making this can hear him singing in his hot tub ( and then I'm tempted to yell "EnJOY THE SILENCE" ) <--actual quote.

I would have had my binoculars out watching for Sir Lefty to peek out of the water Devilfire

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nlmdaThanks Yeah, I guess that's the one, Sherlock! Haha
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You know it doesn't surprise me....I've often wondered if the guys sing all the time. Like in the shower or when folding laundry or loading dishwasher or sing to their kids. I think they probably do Cloud9
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Maybe Dave was serenading the Mrs. Heart2

Don't get me started on the singing to their kids thought... oof. I'm a sucker for that.
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I just pictured Dave soaping himself up in the shower singing JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH DevilfireDevil
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Stop it!!!! BowDroolHaha
That's as hot as imagine Dave painting! Maybe with an old rotten jeans, barefoot, with paint oll over... Devil2

Concerning my question earlier: does nobody know any interview of him saying anything about painting??
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In the Stripped book, Dave mentions about how he used to lock himself away and paint for hours in Barcelona while they were recording SOFAD. He also said something about working on a painting to give to Teresa as a gift.

In an interview, he mentioned how he could see himself "retiring to my house in Long Island and take up painting like Captain Beefheart...A crazy recluse: I like that idea".

I'm wondering now if it's something he only did while he was under the influence or if he still does it now? From what I've seen, he is very artistic and talented so I hope he still paints! It would be a precious talent to lose if he stopped.
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ok I just had to post this
[Image: tumblr_lfovleV8wb1qao96mo1_400.jpg]
He's painting a picture of a cat!
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(01-29-2011, 04:24 PM)martinsharmony Wrote: ok I just had to post this
[Image: tumblr_lfovleV8wb1qao96mo1_400.jpg]
He's painting a picture of a cat!

Interesting photo concerning his TATTOOS!!! He still has the old tat that's now covered with the celtic cross and no back tat so far.

I recall that white cat used to be the studio cat. There are photos of it with Dave.

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