Insight: A book about Martin
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Not too many details yet. Release date is supposedly Sept 20 2010
[Image: insight.jpg]

We can use this thread to post more details as they arrive...

If he did indeed write it OMFG I knew that man was a genius! I hope he's not too upset about word getting out. If he didn't write it and it's just about him..oh well. I'll still probably buy it anyway.
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Hmmmm... I don't know. I haven't found it mentioned anywhere else. Maybe it's like the Dave one that recently came out? I have a hard time believing that Mart would break his 30 years' silence this way. He's always refused to talk about who/what his lyrics are about (except for Precious, of course), so why would he write EVERYTHING?

Nice photo, though, isn't it?
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Hmmm...odd...I can read GERMAN subtitle there...strange! I would have expected the ENGLISH version first...let's see what will develop from all this...Shocked1

Nice photo, yes...though he still looks like "Ugh, I do not really like it but for the sake..."
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I thought that looked like german but it's hard to tell it's so small. Perhaps it's like a memoir? Not the meanings of his lyrics per se, but just insights he's learned in his life? Or it could be like the Dave book...

Regardless, I'll be keeping my eyes open for info on this.

Or it could be a hoax. I think I've seen that photo before...
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It says: Ein Portrait von Andre Boße (?) und Dennis Plauk(?)

So it's NOT Martin writing himself - sorry, girrrls! :(

Looks more like another milk off from the 30ties anniversary happenings...*HATE IT*
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The text on the front is not professionally done, so I highly doubt it's by him. if it were, he would have had a proper designer do it.
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Can't read german, what's it say?
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Not much...

Martin Lee Gore ist seit 1980 Keyboarder, Songwriter, Gitarrist und (neben Dave Gahan) Sänger der erfolgreichen Kult-Band Depeche Mode. »Meine Rolle bei Depeche Mode ist die eines Staatsmannes«, so Martin Gore im Interview mit Dennis Plauk am Tag nach dem Auftritt bei der Echo-Verleihung 2009, wo der Depeche Mode-Titel Wrong Weltpremiere feierte. »Ich begreife diese Band im Grunde wie ein Land, dessen Politik mir obliegt.« Das wegweisende Album Sounds Of The Universe, schon das zwölfte der Band, war 2009 der jüngste Geniestreich. In 21 Ländern, darunter in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz schoss es schon in der ersten Woche nach Erscheinen auf Platz 1. Ein Jahr danach wurden sie mit dem Echo 2010 als »Beste Gruppe des Jahres Rock/Pop international« ausgezeichnet.

Short synopsis:

Martin Lee Gore is keyboardist, songwriter and guitarrist - and next to Dave Gahan - singer of successful cult-band Depeche Mode since 1980. "My role concerning Depeche Mode is like that of a statesman", so Martin Gore in an interview he gave Dennis Plauk the day of the ECHO 2009, where the DM title "Wrong" had it's world premiere. "I think of this band generally like a country I rule (politics)." The groundbreaking album "Sounds Of The Universe" - the 12th already of this band - was a genius strike in 2009, like in Germany, Austria and Switzerland where it soared onto the #1 position in the charts in it's first week of release. A year later they were awarded the ECHO 2010 as "Best Group of the Year Rock/Pop International".

Don't shoot be concerning Mart's quotes - I do not recall them in original...and retranslating is a PAIN! Tongue1
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Ah ok, thanks.

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