Insight: A book about Martin
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:Swoon: peeping through bedroom window lol
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I had a dream of doing that Maz and Martin caught me peeking on his balcony and wouldn't let me into his roomShocked1
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So any more interesting "Insights" Haha about this book?
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On there are few pages from the book. I read them, but.. gosh, I hate when I think "oh, I'm learning German 7 years ago, it'll be so good that I'll know more about Mart" and then "fck I can't understand anything".

The text is very very hard for me, but there's not so much infos in it. The writer speaks about his 2 meetings with Mart, about the difference between the meetings. We can read about the beginning, in which bands played Mart, how met with Andy, what was his first synthesizer. Hm, these are for what I can remember at this moment. Probably our German Ladies could tell us about those few pages more. :)
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As I've already written in my little review: There're not so many new infos in the book. But I didn't expect that neither, as Mart almost never speaks about himself and the book is based on existing interviews. (+ 2 exclusive interviews for the book, but you know: Martin doesn't like to reveal his private thoughts...)
But the way the book is written is quite nice. It's the history of dM from Mart's angle. He's in the centre of interest. All interesting things and those that were new to me, I put them already here. I'll try to reread the book during Christmas vacation, if I find some new details I've forgotten, I'll put them down here of course!Floofangel
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