Bomb The Bass - Milakia feat. Martin Gore
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I just downloaded it and the best summary I can give you is this:

If you like Mart's instrumentals, you'll be happy to listen to this instrumental as well. If, however, you skip over his instrumentals without thinking twice, don't spend your money.

As far as what it sounds like... I guess I'd say that it's Martin's version of someone skipping along going tra-la-la. Slow-medium pace, almost happy-sounding, kinda fits in with Easy Tiger and Spacewalker in my mind due to the tone of the synth he's using. It's my guess that he supplied the stuff that repeats throughout the song and Bomb The Bass added the stuff that comes in at the middle (but who knows).
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I used to quite like Bomb the Bass in the 80's, they did a soundtrack to a game I had called Xenon II on the Amiga. I'm not into them anywhere near as much as Mode, but the demo's i'm working on atm do sound very 80's BTB.
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Hmmm sounds interesting I've got some download credits to use before June so I might just download it..Andy I love Marts instrumentals anyway so it sounds the kind of thing I'd like
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I somehow enjoy this one!!
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They barely added this to DM news today...
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I like !!
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I love how DMMB is so up to the minute with news. Great, isn't it?
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Only 4 months late.
Must be a new record for Twat. Sorry I meant Brat of course.

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