Poll: What's your favorite song from Counterfeit?
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6 30.00%
In a Matter of Speaking
6 30.00%
Smile in the Crowd
1 5.00%
Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth
4 20.00%
Motherless Child
0 0%
3 15.00%
Total 20 vote(s) 100%
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What's your favorite Counterfeit track?
Post: #11
This cd is amazing!!! It is a difficult decision because compulsion,gone and never turn your back on mother earth are my favorites....I choose gone!!
Post: #12
In a manner of speaking.
Can anyone else just picture him singing it to Alan?
Or is that just me?
Post: #13
Smile in the Crowd
In a matter of speaking
never turn you back on Mother earth
And you have to choose one -Tricky
Post: #14
In a manner of speaking! I discovered this song a long, long time ago and got haunted by the angelic voice of Martin for years. Because of him and this song I fell in love with Depeche Mode. This song is just perfect.
I like Compulsion and Never turn your back on Mother Earth also, it reminds me of good times in my life. :)
Post: #15
Bum, I can't choose between 'Compulsion' and 'In a Manner of Speaking'!
Listening to compulsion now.
Post: #16
I love them all, but i instantly fell in love with In A Manner of Speaking.
When I heard it for the 1st time, luckily I was sitting down on the floor, otherwise: Thud Thud Thud
Post: #17
Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth

Though I never understood the song, actually, I might say.
No... I understand the words but the meaning itself ....just... I fail to find it... I mean who is she? Mother Earth? And the friends...why he had to left them and how it all connecting to Mother Earth. I feel myself as a complete idiot when I hear the song - but anyway I like it a lot...
And....anyway the melodic line s brilliant.
Post: #18
My favorite is In A Manner Of Speaking - hands down! It nearly feels like it could have been written by Martin himself. When I'm in this special mood listening to Martin singing this song, it could easily move me to tears.

Sorry for being a bit picky, but what I saw first: In the poll the song is called In A MaTTer of Speaking, maybe this could be corrected?
Post: #19
oh yeah didn't
notice that
Post: #20
Oh my... I always have a hard time when I have to choose between "Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth" and "In A Manner Of Speaking".
Actually "Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth" was the song that made me a dM fan - my good friend sent it to me and it was the first time I've heard Mart's singing and fell in love. I've heard this song so many times it's imprinted in my heart.
But then - "In a manner of speaking" is a masterpiece. So. It's hard to choose. :)

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