Fanfic Illustration Requests
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OK - as there are a few now around - here will be the place where I will post suggestions I'm working on. The NAUGHTY ones will not be visible here, sorry. You know how to get them. Devil

The first one was requested by SUZY...for "Here Is The House" - situated in 1984/85. Angel

[Image: hereisthehousebymorgain.jpg]
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hehe cute idea.
Although he´s so damn young in that picture.
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Yeah, Broken Frame, but they are together for 5 years already in that squeezing reality a little... DevilsmokeAngel
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Hah - as Anja nagged on the age - she was RIGHT ON! THis version comes with a SGR Dave from 1984! Devilfire

[Image: hereisthehousebymorgain.jpg]
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This pic is one of my favs, cause his eyes are simply to die for.
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I love the 2nd version to pieces!! XD
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[Image: drugs800.jpg]

Maz requested an illustration for her "Love Is A Drug" fiction. This is my first suggestion! Feel free to criticize! Ms
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nlmdanlmdanlmdanlmdanlmdanlmdanlmdanlmdanlmda EXCELLENT!!!!!! thank you so much it is perfect!!!!!
Hug2Hug2Hug2Hug2 BowBowThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanks
Oh first? just seen that
wonder what the 2nd is like? Thanks siv
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LOL, I'm glad you like it! Devil2 Well, I just mentioned "first" in case you wanted something different. If you're really happy with this version I can lean back again, LOL! Tongue1Haha
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yes i reall like this one
It has that feel to it with sex religion and drugs
Just like i written in the story
Thanks you again will pop it at the beginning of the fic

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