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Well this isn't exactly a tour photo but I figured it was a good time to start a thread for it. grin

I finally watched the Vienna show on YouTube. Dave was just sooooo into it and giving it his all. He was really happy! Near the end during enjoy the silence I noticed he gave Mart a little bump on his ass! Sort of like he does at the end of the shimmy but with no shimmy this time Sad1 Well at least it's something. And look at Mart's huge smile! Cloud9 Thud

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the tour finally started!!! Andynlmda so much going on - finally I had some time to catch up on pictures - here a little Dave best of... DroolHeart2

NICE - Warm Up Gig:

[Image: tumblrmme9sohdcu1qedygn.jpg]

[Image: 35404712576429423264673.jpg]

[Image: 30868747125399960935748.jpg]

[Image: 57559347126045960871119.jpg]

[Image: 94139247126132960862468.jpg]

[Image: 94176847125873627555034.jpg]

[Image: tumblrmlyvznmj4v1qedygn.jpg]

[Image: tumblrmlyw8une9q1qedygn.jpg]

[Image: tumblrmmbo88uyoz1rom7j2.jpg]

[Image: tumblrmmbtthn9jg1rdstv9.jpg]

[Image: tumblrmmc6w5pg5r1qedygn.jpg]

[Image: tumblrmmcdtoui7d1rom7j2.jpg]

[Image: tumblrmmdnc1jkhb1rdstv9.jpg]

... and first pictures from TEL AVIV DroolYesmaster
Did you recognize Daniel - without glasses & he lost a lot of weight!

[Image: tumblrmmc8ifo28o1s005xk.jpg]

[Image: 93140664661264869903322.jpg]

[Image: 26258364687958867233912.jpg]

[Image: 40591864662266869803111.jpg]
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and another hot one!!! YesmasterDroolThudHeart2

[Image: fototul.jpg]

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