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I figured I'd start a thread for everyone to post their album or song reviews in. I'm just listening to Delta Machine for the first time right now, so I'll do mine another time. What do you think of the album? Do you have a favorite song?
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My full and proper review will be on my blog at the end of the month, but my initial reaction is OMG I LOVE IT, THEY HAVE WRITTEN THE SOUNDTRACK TO MY LIFE YET AGAIN!!!!! HahaHahaHahaHaha
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I've sucuumbed to the pressure and listened to it on Itunes. I'll write a proper review once I listen to the Deluxe version on my stereo in a few weeks.
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"Broken" almost got me in tears. I keep imagining that Dave is singing the chorus to me. I have a feeling I'm going to be doing a lot of crying while this is on repeat tonight, I need a good cry.
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From what I have heard from the album I love so far! But I'm with Ally and will write my true review next week when I have listened to the deluxe version of Delta Machine.

I do like these songs so far:

Welcome To My World
Secret To The End
Should Be Higher
Soothe My Soul

I couldn't resist when it leaked. When it comes to Depeche Mode I'm a really weak woman! I crumbled under the pressure! And it looks like I was not alone at all!!!
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I just listened to it for the 1st time and this is by far not a review - I'm just still too overwhelmed!
I just wanted to say I LOVE "SLOW"!!!! This slow rythm, the blues guitar, the Doors like keyboards, Daves dirty voice, the lyrics, everything - just perfect!!!! :)
It would be the perfect song to have slow S.E.X.! :-DD
And Dave shouldn't have said this stripper thing - now I have a very dirty film in my mind... ;-)

The 2nd song that really stuck out for me is "Broken" - but I haven't gotten so much into it yet...

As it was ok, to listen to the new songs this way, I'm really looking forward to receiving my Deluxe Edition on Friday! It's just something else, to have a physical release in my hands and listen to it from start to finish! :)
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I love this album a lot! I love all the different textures and the fact that having Flood mixing this album was a real treat. I have to say that this might be up there with Violator in some respects. I can't stop listening to this album.

Christopher Berg was also a nice addition. I listened to some of his work that he did with The Knife and knew that this album might be something special. I think that Christopher should produce the next album.

This album is indeed something special to listen to from beginning to end, and sonicly it rocks. I also love the blues elements in three of the songs that was a good surprise. Martin knows how to play some mean blues guitar. And Dave Gahan has greatly improved in the songwriting department and came up with three strong songs for this album. Nicely done there boys! From beginning to end this album takes me on a great journey!

I apologize for listening to the leaked version of this album though. But I did pre-order it on both Amazon and on iTunes in February so I'm getting both of those. When it comes to Depeche Mode coming out with a new album I literally sit on the edge of my seat with antisapation, and this time I buckles under the pressure and gave in.

I can't wait to have physical copy in my hands to look at the pictures and read the lyrics, and also liner notes if there are any in the booklet. What I nice package of songs.

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Hello everyone!

I know I'm a bit late with my review of Delta Machine, but I did write one a few days after its release. Most of the things are the same ever since, but some songs got closer to my heart during the weeks. All in all I love it, but here's my detailed review:

Depeche Mode: Delta Machine - Welcome to my world... A review by Useless-girl


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