Live On Letterman!
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The guys are going to be doing a live webcast on March 11th at 8pm to kick off the Live On Letterman concert series!!
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So exciting! I wish I could get away and go to the show!
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(02-28-2013, 05:49 PM)Mistress_Mode Wrote: So exciting! I wish I could get away and go to the show!

I entered to win tickets for it! I REALLY hope I win!!! If I do, though, you guys have to get smelling salts because I will faint, like such ---> Thud

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That would be so cool!
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I'll keep my fingers crossed for everyone who tries to win tickets!

And I hope we'll be able to watch the show as soon as possible in Germany via YT or so
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yep looking forward to that i'm sure it will on web in seconds Haha
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It'll be strreamed anyway. The only question is: Are only peeps in the US able to see the stream or is it viewable for everybody. As this is the world premiere of Delta Machine I'll set my alarm for 2 am... Hello DMOCD grin
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Heh! I was thinking the same thing - to be awake when it streamed. Stoopid RL probably won´t allow that... but that´s the beauty of the internet, at least I can watch it later! (and dl it to my computer to watch over and over and over and over and over.... grin)
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It's gonna be streamed on VEVO, so that should be worldwide! grin
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I can't wait to see this too. But I'll be at work when it does start to stream. Hopefully Sanja from the David Gahan Fansite will make it downloadable and I'll share the link or ask Sanja to share it on here for you all on here. I'm sure she will not mind that at all. So we all can watch it over and over again. I'll PM her over there and see about it! wink

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