Work-arounds for video, image and text formatting problems
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I'm sure we have all noticed that the little icons in the compose window no longer work. The code still does however. I've placed code tips for some major functions here. If there is something you want to know how to do, suggest it and I will see if I can find the answer. I suggest copying and pasting this post into a notepad and keep on your desktop or something for easy reference.

To post an image and have it show up in the thread:

From Photobucket: copy the information that's called "img code". When you click it it copies automatically. Simply paste this code into your post. Done!
[Image: robin-photo.jpg]

From ImageShack
Copy the code that says "Forum"
[Image: 17027124.jpg]

Uploaded with

From Facebook (or any website really): Right click on the image itself and look for something that says "copy image location" or something of the sort. You want the direct url for that image. When you paste it into your post, use these tags around your link code:
[ img] link here [/ img] (without the spaces).
Sometimes websites have images embedded in a Flash or some other way that you can't link to it. In this case, I take a screenshot of it, crop accordingly and post to my Photobucket, which I keep private, but you can still post images and they will show up. It's actually better to host them yourself (like on your own facebook, photobucket, Tumblr or ImageShack) because images that other websites or bloggers control can always go away Sad1 Just make sure you don't move the photos around (like in Photobucket) because if you do it will break the links.
[Image: 75648_489289552237_5211930_n.jpg]

From Tumblr
Same as Facebook/other websites above. Click on the image to view it as the largest size possible, then right click and get image location. Make sure your code does not include "amazonaws". If it does, the image is stored in a temporary location and it will eventually become broken. Make sure your code contains the actual image itself including the .gif or .jpg or .png extension.
[Image: tumblr_m7dea7G0Am1qao96mo1_1280.png]

Basically it's like html except you use brackets [ ] instead of greater than/less than < >

[quote ] quote here [/ quote] (remove spaces)
Quote:I'm taking a ride with my best friend

[b ] text here [/ b] (remove spaces)

[i ] text here [/i] (remove spaces)

[u ] text here [/ u] (remove spaces)

YouTube: When you want to share a video from YouTube, click the "share" link at the bottom of the video from YouTube, then click "Embed", copy this code and paste it into your post.

If that doesn't work (always preview first), look at the bottom for a checkbox that says "use old embed code". (It's not always there) Copy this code and paste it into your post. Preview to check.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sad1 As a last resort, just post the link.

I haven't figured out Vimeo yet. If I do I'll post it here. If you have figured out any additional tricks, please post them here.

If you want to see my actual code here, click "reply" and copy the quoted text into a notepad or something so that you can view it. Just don't actually post your reply if you are only wanting to look at the code. Thanks

PS: Sorry these pics are Martin-centric. I used pics and videos from my own hosted locations for the sake of permanence, and well, I like Martin and have more stuff from him Blush2 Wasn't intended as anything else.
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Thank you so much for figuring that out!

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