DM business dealings
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I figured we could start a generic thread for discussing the business end of DM.

So I ran across this article today:

It says that:
Quote:Depeche Mode has signed with William Morris Endeavor for representation in North and South America. The group was previously represented in those territories by Creative Artists Agency.

I'm not really sure what this means? So they are a talent agency - but what will they do for Depeche?

I also read that they have a deal with Columbia records.

I also read that they are now represented by a agent or publicist or something or other...she is a woman who represents other bands like Madonna. Evidently a legend and very good. But I can't find her name.

I just wonder what all of this means. I thought they would always work with Daniel and Mute. Are they too big for them perhaps? I don't think they are working with Mute at all. :(
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Officially they're not working with Mute ATM because Mute still belongs to EMI (or die Daniel fully bought it back?) and they've signed with Columbia now which is Sony.
Hopefully they will reveal a bit more about all that in the forthcoming interview sessions when the do promo for the new album.
The most important is that they can do whatever they want and that Daniel will always be involved.
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I thought Mute was fully independent again?
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But the backcatalogue is still with EMI me thinks.
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it be strange if they'd left mute. they were always talkin about how great their agreement with mute is, i mean that 50/50 scheme.
also i previously in 2011 (?) heard that depeche went completely independent.
maybe columbia is only up to sell depeche's new album in usa. it all seems to be very tangled to me
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What I understand the whole "music label" situation to be is wrapped up in distribution rights. They probably signed with the new label for that purpose. Also, the talent agency is mostly just a PR scheme. Kessler will always be their manager and will deal with all business issues for them. The talent agency will simply see that they are properly promoted. Hopefully that's a good thing and they'll get more attention than they used to!
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I just read that mute was purchased by BMG! Shocked1
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yeah, i read it too. in particular it says that
Quote:Mute Records was bought by EMI for £23m in 2002, but in 2010 the major agreed to licence back assets to its founder, Daniel Miller, so that he could once again run the company as an independent.
i so understand the rights to the Mute catalogue are going now to BMG, but Daniel still runs Mute. not that bad, me thinks
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More articles concerning this. Most mention DM and have a photo...

This whole thing confuses me Stick
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So it's sorta official that BMG want to purchase the whole Mute backcatalogue as well.

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