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:-DDD can't stop laughing - "he wants an autograph, but he doesn't have a pen"...
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Hey everyone! Vevo caught both Sanny and I when we were in Berlin! You can see us at 3:22 and again at about 3:30 Run2 Tongue1

I downloaded it also so if you can't see if let me see if I can upload it separately somewhere or something......

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looks like it has been locked for Germany now. :-/ But I saw it a few days ago - cool footage & nice interview with Mart.
Soooo COOL that you guys are in it!! :)
If it's not too much of an effort & you'll upload it somewhere, let me know & I'll save to file for me, cause I was in Berlin too and would like to have it as a memory.
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screen projection of heaven - Anton Corbijn video:
It's pretty & I like sexy Dave being all crafty & stuff, but I'm not really sure, what Anton wants to tell us... what's your interpretation?
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I believe that's the most dirty video I've ever seen.... *faint*

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