Guess new album/new single name!
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I just saw in one of the interviews that Dave says that the new symbols for DM... the triangles - are a clue for the name of the new album! So, put your guesses here. Also put your guess for the name of the new single. Shot in the dark, I know - since we may not have heard it yet. But it could be fun guessing! Tongue1 We don't know for sure if the "Angel" song will be the new single. Floofangel

My guess for the name of the new album: Play.
My guess for the name of the new single: Rewind. (continuing the same theme Haha since I have no other clue)
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new logo give me thoughts about triforce, so let's say it'll be the new album title.
lol i'm not serious Haha
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love triangle Haha
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love your suggestions! :-D
Maybe the new album title could be "play forward" or "fast forward" or "play loud" - or Dave is just teasing us... ;-p

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