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check out these gems!!
(this guy is asking kind of stupid questions)

OK well this is not an interview but is just funny Haha
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The first one I discovered on Tumblr but the other one is also a great interview with Dave Gahan. And the third one is so funny. But I don't think that this was an interview. It was more of an introduction to the Israeli fans!

Thanks for sharing!
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I also saw the two interviews. The Italian guy really had the most stupid questions! :-/
The only new thing I learned, was that Dave still listens to records. That's something I've always been interested in - how he listens to music - I would've asked him the same question, if I ever met him.
I liked the Short List interview - actually those are the kind of information I would have expected from the press conference. ;-)
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I found another interview with Dave on Tumblr! This one is without the annoyingly loud French dub. Finally you can hear everything that Dave said in the interview. I love the way that he talks about politics, but at the same time he doesn't seem too enthused about politics either. Enjoy!
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ehhm... you'd at least mention the name of the person on whois blog you "found" it. because technically she found it, you're only repostin the link from your dash.

great interview btw.
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thanks for the link! It's sooo nice to hear him talk & I so love his gestures! :)
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another snippet - this time with Russian voice over, you can't understand all of Dave :-/

and I found another nice one from a German Newspaper - maybe you could understand it with Google Translator:
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(10-29-2012, 04:06 AM)oh-lilian Wrote: another snippet - this time with Russian voice over, you can't understand all of Dave :-/
here, i've translated the transcribtion of the interview, can't guarantee this is exactly what Dave said Tongue1

"Russia has changed over the time that we go there we go. This is a fantastic country. I think at this time to take my children here. Come to see the city: go to the Kremlin and see the sights. Well, that summer, children will have a vacation. Think this would be great. I think the new album was more bluesy in tone, although the instrumentalisation, as always, is very electronic"

also, i so understood, the correspondent says that the signs on the programm look like play/pause buttoms and Dave agrees, says thats how their music goes. well, somehing like that.
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another beautiful interview with Dave from today - lots of insight into the Soulsavers record, his way of working, etc. :)
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here some new videos :)

=> this one is very short & with German voice over, but you can still hear him talking:

=> beautiful interview with Dave talking about his cancer, the new album, the U2 cover and everything. There is this little annoying black box (I guess it it's an advertisement, but it's in hebrew, so I didn't dare to click on it) - but if you go to full screen, it's in the upper left corner and you can still see Dave) ;),7340,L-4297845,00.html

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