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(01-31-2013, 05:24 PM)Bettyboop77 Wrote: Thanks beat me to it!! Haha BallS ballS ballS ballS :HAHA: hAHA:

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making of Delta Machine EPK:
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new Interview with Dave:
Rebel Rebel... :-DD
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new interview with lovely David - the more I read, the more I love him!! :)
I wish we could see the voice or even video recording of this conversation:

the parts about the R8 and the bondage thing are just hilarious! :-D
But there's also so much depth about life in general and the world we live in... he's the man, always will be! <3

PS: there is a page 1 & 2 - so make sure you read all of it! ;-)
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Electronic Beats interview with Dave - was recording around the time of the press conference & I've seen / read parts of it, but not the whole thing... lovely as always! :) <3
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New interview with Martin in the Oakland Press:
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new article & interview with Fletch about the start of the US leg:
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new article in USA Today with little interview bits from Dave & Mart.
The part I liked most:
"At some point, we'll say, 'OK, we're done,' and if this was the last record, I'd be proud of what we've done," Gahan says. "But we're still climbing a mountain, and we haven't yet reached the top."

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not really an interview, but a nice review of the Detroit show.

Best part for me: "Gahan had the entire crowd mesmerized, which could have something to do with his butt. The dude gyrated it, both clockwise and anti-clockwise, and that might be his secret. It was like a hypnotist moving a pocket watch from side to side. Once you were locked on, you were screwed. Then he would turn around and continue with the song." :)

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