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another one with Martin:

Oh how I would love to see one with him and Dave together...
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Finally caught up on all of these interviews! Some real gems here. Too much to comment on...but I echo your thoughts on Dave's comments about Martin being drunk and passing out. I didn't realize it had gotten that bad. And it was really difficult for Dave to deal with being sober while Mart wasn't.

I think this is the reason why they are so much closer now Heart2Heart2Heart2

I tried to edit the posts to embed the videos, but for some reason it's not working anymore Sad1
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(11-05-2012 05:02 AM)oh-lilian Wrote:
here's another nice one with Dave and a Swedish newspaper - sharing some private information, like peeing at night & how he still acts like a 15 year old ;)

Thank you for sharing this intervew. Very interesting that Dave finally shared his amotions about it all. I mean Martin and his drinking.
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New interview with timothy saccenti director of Angel video
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We need this here:
Fantastic notes. So much info...AndyCloud9
I crave to listen to Heaven!

The Q-notes
Martin Gore: “Heaven is quite far from what we normally do”

Martin GoreThe January edition of the Q-Magazine (order it here) features an interesting interview (“Gore Blimey”) with Martin Gore about the new album and the possibly first single Heaven (keep in mind that it’s still unconfirmed).
Thanks to Ultra_Depeche (follow him on Twitter!) we got handed over some notes of the editor, that didn’t make it into the print. Additionally, and that will thrill you even more, the notes contain some of the lyrics of the possibly new single – and an exciting quote of Martin Gore about the track.

Here are the original notes. Thanks again to both the Q writer for permission and Ultra_Depeche (Twitter). Please note that the Q writes listened to Heaven just onece. He describes the song as very catchy, though. Also, Heaven’s lyrics were jotted down. It’s not that they are at all accurate.


“When I was really young first had a job as a paper boy I saved all my money to buy records and thats what I did, and it’s gone of from there really. I have a passion for music, since a young age, and I still do.”


“Um, I want to just say in a very loose way I hate talking about songwriting because it’s something you can easily dismantle and make into something that sounds very simple. whereas ,when you listen to the overall thing it has so much power. The mystery of music is one of the things I fell in love with when I was ten years old.”


“It was time for convene – there’s an obvious moment. i start writing at a certain point and dave of course is writing now. he starts writing at a certain point and there is a moment when we both have some good bunch of songs and its a good time to get together and start planning, its very organic. ”


“There’s a long gap between each of our records… three or four years… and you never know what’s going to happen in that time. You can’t take anything for granted.”

“I don’t want to sound too…. ‘positive,’ but I personally I feel a lot happier in my own skin as I get older and that dictates what I write the way I go about writing. I think for a lot of time I didn’t feel very happy in my skin and thats a huge difference to me.”


“It’s been a long time now since I stopped. I’ve gone beyond the point even thinking about drinking. I can go out with people getting completely wasted and I don’t even think about having a drink anymore…”


“I went through the majority of the band’s career drinking… I was functional… (hits) you can’t be happy I don’t think when you’re doing that. I was at the point where I was having seizures and once you have seizures that becomes a constant worry when you’re still drinking. I would go on stage and I’d be constantly worried ‘Oh my god am i going to have a seizure tonight? Those are the sort of things you shouldn’t have to worry about!”


Some of the songs don’t have titles yet. Like the first one Q hears. It’s difficult because the obvious one would be “Angel” or “Angel of Love” since that’s the chorus but that’s quite sappy isn’t it? And it’s not a sappy song.” (Indeed… menacing…)


“I think it is. There are always characteristics that make us sound like us.

Dave is a great front man who has a very distinctive voice. The moment you hear him you know it’s him. Which I think is really important. A lot of singers are interchangeable.

That kind of defines out sound. One of the main things.” (shy to reveal more of the other elements….)


“I’ve got quite an addictive nature in general thats probably why I went through drinking phases and health phases… now I am addicted to collecting guitars and synthesizers and anything I can use to make music.”


“They’re good. He’s been working with Kurt. A new partnership. The last couple of albums he’s worked with Christian and Andrew; this time he worked with Kurt, completely different.”


“Is this a trilogy?? (Laughing) I think the way Ben works is very suited to our approach to making music. He’s a very strong personality and I think thats’ what we really need. He’s completely focused and always knows exactly what he wants at all times where as we’re off and fumbling in the dark. We need a leader! This time around the demos were a lot more advanced than they usually are and Ben felt they were pointing us in the right direction and that the album had an overall feel we were going for.”

simple minimalist techno intro

hymnal dirge… procession of the cross… that ends with single drum like a heart beat

LYRICS (as much as I could understand):

sometimes I [???]
I slowly lose myself
over and over
take comfort in my skin
surrender to my will
forever and ever
I dissolve in trust
I will sing with joy
I will end up dust
I’m in heaven
I stand in golden rays
I burn a fire of love
Over and over
it sends in endless light
I have embraced the flame
forever and ever
I will scream [???]
jump into the void
I will guide the [???]
up to heaven

ends with minimal drum. heart beat…

MARTIN: “This track is really different for us because it sounds to me like our take on 70s rock..reminds me of rod stewart almost — there is a modern take to it, its not pure 70s rock but definitely an interesting avenue for us to explore. it’s quite far from what we normally do but still sounds like us…
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Interview with KROQ this morning:

Quote:Morning show hosts Kevin & Bean were so excited to speak with the Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan this morning that their introduction ended up 3 octaves too high followed by comedic apology and laughter.

Calling in from New York, the English native remarked how incredibly chilly it’s been during the current cold snap, remarking, “Your hands feel like they’re going to fall off, it’s not fun.”

After the small talk, attention was quickly turned to Depeche Mode’s upcoming 13th full-length studio album, Delta Machine, due in U.S. stores March 26.

After Bean asserted that the album’s use of word “delta” sounded inspired by New Orleans or the blues, Gahan approved.

“You’d be right,” the singer elaborated. “It definitely has a lot of blues influences, I would say closer to what we were doing around the time of Songs of Faith & Devotion,” with Gahan adding that the lyrical content of the new album is in more in the vein of breakout 1990 full-length, Violator. “Martin’s come up with all these blues riffs.” (According to Gahan, Martin Gore, the band’s main songwriter, is an “underrated” guitar player.)

Explaining how the Depeche Mode works in the studio, Gahan said, “Being an electronic band, primarily, you can really experiment a lot and the songs take on different arrangements, tempos, feels, before we find something.

“The song we found to drive this record was the single, ‘Heaven,’” Gahan elaborated, with a rumored leak forcing Depeche Mode to world premiere the song a day earlier than planned.

“It was like a shot in the arm,” the frontman explained about the first time Gore presented the song to the rest of the band. “I was like, ‘Ahh, I can’t wait to sing that song.’”

According to Gahan, the band will begin their U.S. tour following their international dates. With Belarus, Minsk being the final stop on July 29, that puts Depeche Mode in America in late summer or early fall (U.S. dates are tentatively scheduled to kick off on the West Coast).

How does the trio of Gahan, Gore and keyboardist Andy Fletcher maintain enthusiasm for recording and touring after 32 years? “I’m constantly surprised by this band, confessed Gahan. “When I show up, really exciting things happen. I guess what I’m saying is, we’re not done yet.”

“We’ve been that band that nobody understood, then we’ve been the band that everybody tried to imitate, and suddenly we were the band that everybody says, ‘oh we were influenced by,’ he joked, looking back on the electronic act’s storied 32-year-history.

“Anyone that’s got any kind of coolness whatsoever seems to like Depeche Mode,” Gahan concluded. “I know I’m blowing our own trumpet, but we’re still kind of like the biggest alternative band out there somehow.”

– Jay Tilles, CBS Local
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great interview! I wish there would be a recording available!!!!!
I wanna hear him talking!!!! :) <3

just to be complete - here's the recording:
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LMAO about Dave explaing how he's going out in the NY winter in a t-shirt "all british" :-DD And his impersonazation of Martin :-DD
And his nice comparison of Heaven with some old comfy boots... :)
"We are not done yet" sounds very promising!! :)
balls, balls, balls, balls.... :-D
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Here's another recording, just in case wink

Can you feel the love between Dave and Mart? Cloud9 Heart2 Heart2 Heart2 Heart2
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Thanks beat me to it!! Haha BallS ballS ballS ballS :HAHA: hAHA:

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