What shows are you going to??
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We can use this thread for chatting about our plans!
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Nothing yet as Canadian dates haven't been announced. But when they are, I will be going to see them in Montreal! AndyAndy
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im still waiting for Birmingham and Manchester to be announced then money pending possibly both depending on the dates.

sophie is coming this time around..yay poor ells is begging to come too as she adores dm but part from only being nine by then she doesnt do noisy places too well so ill have to think about taking her
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I got tickets yesterday for Berlin Olympic Stadium. We saw them there last time & it was just breathtaking! :)
Besides that I might go to another gig near us, when the announce some indoor gigs later 2013.
But I'm afraid, this time it won't be more than 2 gigs - not 6 like last time. ;)
Ok, maybe to warm-up gig, if it's near enough & I manage to get tickets. We went to Luxembourg last time & it was sooo great!!
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Hopefully Budapest. :)
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O2 of course if things improve my end :)
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I am really hoping that they do come here to our new arena and do a show. But they haven't announced the US and Canadian dates yet. If not then I'll ask Christa if I can come along with her to the gig in Dallas Texas. I really want my dream to come true. As the dream that I had in late 2009 really got me revved up and I really want to go so badly! I never forgot that dream either.
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I'm hoping for Detroit, but I'd try to travel of I could. Chicago is always possible and visiting Dallas might be too! If Detroit is lucky enough to get a date this time, anyone is welcome to join me and crash at my house.
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fingers crossed for all you guys, that the US dates will be announced shortly & will be near you!!
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(10-25-2012, 02:16 AM)oh-lilian Wrote: fingers crossed for all you guys, that the US dates will be announced shortly & will be near you!!

Thank you so much Sonja!

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