What shows are you going to??
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Oh yes i see on T :( its all so fucked up for you and sanny redic just is
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Yes I'm going to Berlin to visit Sanny!!! And of course I'll also see my own Dallas show. Anyone who happens to come here can crash with me of course! I'll introduce you to all my Modie friends!!! Party I don't know if I'll make it to any others. Play it by ear I guess.

When Dallas tix go on sale I might just buy the lot if I have definite confirmation from whoever wants to come here then we can all sit together. (There are no standing room areas at Dallas shows Sad1 only seats)
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Bow Sanni!!! You got my ticket today for Front of Stage in Berlin and at face value! You are most awesome!!! Thanks Yesmaster Hug2 Run2

I'm going to Berlin!!! Holy crap! Heart2Heart2Heart2Heart2Heart2Heart2Heart2Heart2
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thats great, Christa! Andy

i think its got more or less defined which shows i'm attending:

Belgrade 19.05 i know its unlikely, but is anyone attenting? i really wouldn't mind to have some company in this city grin
Budapest 21.05
Zagreb 23.05
Bratislava 25.05

i'm also thinkin about attendin last gig of the leg in Minsk, but the ticket prices are kinda bitchy:/ but there're still lot of them on sale so i still have time to think. the same applies to Kiev show... if i'll have enough money grin
first i was thinking abot germany gigs too, but then lol nevermind Haha
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Yaaaaay! Christa!AndyAndyAndyAndy
I'm soooooooooooo happy that I was so lucky to find this offer! 5 minutes later and it woud have been gone...
I still can't believe it worked out so quickly!nlmdanlmdanlmda

Aaaaaahhhh Veggie!!!!! You'll see them before all the rest of us!!! In May already!nlmda

Sorry but no gigs in Eastern Europe for me. Though I know the crowd there is even more extreme than in Germany...Shocked1
I would have loved to be able to meet you.
I winter I'll travel a bit more around Europe. I'd like to go to Paris, London, Vienna and I pray they'll do Horsens again grin

And I hope I'll be able to to the warm up gig if they do one.
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ah Sanny, come on! Belgrad isn't that far away from you as from me! Tongue1 and they have cheap tickets grin
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But I ga already to 5 gigs. And 2 more European legs (hopefully Devil2) are yet to come... Maybe for winter :)
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I would really like to see two North American legs with this tour. They haven't did a second North American leg since TTA. But Dave said that this will be a long tour. So anything can happen. Hopefully Dave's health will hold up throughout the whole tour. That is most important.
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that's what I hope, too!! To be honest, I was a bit afraid when he said that. But he also said he feels up for it - so he must know best, right?!
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Yeah I was really surprised when he said it was going to be a long tour. I hope he doesn't overdo it.

/a bit worried

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