New contest ideas??
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Halloween Wallpaper Challenge anyone? Well, OK - we only have a few days left of October, but as usual contest entries might be handed in till the 31st and then the voting might start then for a week?
It's not that crowded in here, so short period activity might kick some of your bums? Tongue1

Yeah, says me...but you have to take the time as you get it at your hands... YesmasterDevil2
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great idea ii see if i can but my stuff is pretty crap LOL - all for votinfg if i don't tough see al the talent
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yup would love to see some new themed artworks Heart2
Mazzy, you have to do something too Devil
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yess you lot are so talented at wallpapers etc so get to it hehe

seriously though i love the art you guys do so great idea for a comp
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naa im not good at it at all
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actually i like your works, theyre really good. sometimes there're little things in them that could be done better, but i these are just details. i think you should keep doing them, with more attempts they'll get better and better nlmda
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Thumbs Thumbs Thumbs
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cheers :)

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